Grasshopper Capital is an investment manager focused primarily on the exponential growth, adoption and commercialisation of distributed ledger technologies (DLT). As an asset manager the firm is focused on identifying and creating high quality return opportunities across our funds for our limited partners related to DLT, or more specifically blockchain.

Leveraging the significant experience across financial markets, blockchain advisory, asset management and venture capital - the Grasshopper team has unique deal access, legal structuring and risk management expertise, coupled with the abilities to help businesses navigate and grow in traditional markets. We work closely with founders helping them commercialise products quickly and effectively as well as opening doors for distribution.

Grasshopper has recently launched Grasshopper Capital Fund II LP - a venture capital fund. The fund focusses on providing investors access to seed to series B investments across blockchain projects which are aiming to enhance transparency and compliance, reduce costs, barriers to entry while also increasing transaction speeds of traditional financial markets. The fund also looks at investment opportunities in the sharing economy where we can see dramatic increases in client engagement driven by blockchain solutions.

What we believe

Grasshopper believes that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are the next cycle in the evolution of distributed computing.

They will enable the disruption of aging legacy financial infrastructure with scalable private and public blockchains, dramatically reducing costs and enabling new entrants to a marketplace historically riddled with barriers to entry.

Grasshopper Capital is currently focussed on finding unique equity investment opportunities which are leveraging distributed ledger technologies to disrupt existing financial markets.